The Process

Isabgol Seeds (Botanical name :Plantago ovata forsk) are mainly valued for their mucilaginous husk, a thin white membrane covering the seed which is separated from the seed by a mechanical process where no chemicals are used. After thorough cleaning of the seeds from the Pre-cleaning and Cleaning sections, the process of de-husking the seed consists of crushing with emery mills through eight passes and separation of husk through a closed circuit fully automatic pneumatic aspiration system. The husk is then passed through Gravity separators for further purification before custom packaging.


The plant is equipped with special in-built chambers for fumigation of incoming raw material consignments and for the finished products before they are taken to Dispatch station for loading of Containers and/or Motor Trucks. This is done to safeguard the product during transit. The dosage of the Fumigant and treatments are carried out as per specifications of the Importing Countries and requirements of the Buyers.


Treatments of the finished product with Ethylene Oxide, Gamma Rays Irradiation or the Dry Steam Heat Treatment are provided through Contract Facilities upon specific requests from the Buyers.